We are pleased to announce that the eVisa system will use a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) feature to enhance security and to be used by sponsors and public relations officers (PRO’s) applying for sponsored visas.

What's PKI?

Oman Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a digital feature that is used to authenticate eServices in Oman. It allows visa sponsors to log on to the eVisa system and to exchange information securely as it provides a high level of confidentiality by using an eID, or mobile ID.

PKI is a secure way to confirm the identity of the visa sponsor or his agent. It is already in use in different e.Oman Government Services, and is part of the Sultanate’s digital strategy.

Please note that PKI login will only be required by public relations officers (PRO’s) applying for sponsored visas. This will not be required for tourists applying for unsponsored visas (such as visa types 26, 29 and 36)

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